Wednesday, December 28, 2011


First shot i've made using a improvised PINHOLE CAMERA made of empty tin container of ice cream.
this was a view from a window in our classroom, i really love this shot it reminds me of an xray effect lol:)

She is Goldie, Our first model in my Nude Photography class.
I love playing with lights and shadows in these shots.

 I love these imperfections...

first contact print ive made lol. see my real name?XD

again. i love the imperfections in post processing of my photos and it shows that there's lot more to be learned but at the same time i appreciate the natural being of these photographs.  

Above our my first photos i took using my PENTAX 50 mm SLR way back in college. These are all printed manually by me:) I was inspired to post this black and white photos because of a quiet yet passionate girl Cij Tipawan:) i was amazed by her photos capturing naturally her everyday life.


new tats:)

This is something ive learned and i will treasure from one of self development seminars i attended. If we want something in our lives we should learn to LET GO all of our fears, hatred and sadness and LET GOD fill that empty spaces within our hearts.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Latex Paint and Ink on wood

Triskaideka x Blic x Lee x Cai x Paks collab doodle

After a long tiring but fruitful paint sessions we had in our anniversary we still manage to squeeze our creative juices up to the last drop:)


I'ts been quite awhile since i did wall art but these time its much better and meaningful doing what you love if you are with the same people who believes in the power of visual arts. Im so happy to paint along with my fellow artists of CAVITY COLLECTIVE in our 1st year Anniversary  and did our paint sessions at Imus Van Terminal along with our invited creative guests artists VOID CREW/ GSM from Quezon City, KMD, TSVC, Brian Barrios and Nemo Aguila from Pilipinas Street Plan. So here's my contribution just a small piece from " Latak Paints" entitled " LOVE THY HATERS ! " enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Its been months since my last tattoo. so here's a new one.
Its THRICE's The Alchemy index.
Music that changed my life.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Its been quite a long time since i had this feeling,,
Mixed emotions.
Happiness. Sadness. Grateful.

Im happy because i finally i did something ive been wanting to do for a very long time and
thank God after several years that we met each others eyes and despite of everything what happened
she's still here in my mind & heart. Finally, I did something beautiful in my life. Taking risks. Taking chances.
I did really prepare for that day to come and hope that everything i plan will work. I told to myself that whatever happens there's " NO REGRETS." because if this will be the last chance. No questions, I'll take it.

Sadness pours in my heart from the very moment she opened her lips and told me that she wants to be honest with me. I tried to give her back my sweetest smile and pretend that its okay, but to be honest with her that i have nothing to lose...i told to myself if ever everything wont work. ill accept it with all of my heart. I just simply love her hair, her eyes, and her smile... I just love everything about her.

Gratitude feeds my soul, because i believe that there is a reason why it happened and only god knows why, Im not bitter nor angry for i know love is not selfish. I believe that if you really love someone you have to
" Let Go and Let God."  I dont know, but i just love her and i just want her to be happy and see her sweetest smile again. I'm grateful because i met her and somehow we've shared good times sharing thoughts and happy memories. Though things i planned didn't work i still believe in chances maybe not for today or tomorrow no one knows; but still believe that someday our paths will crossed again, and im sure if that day will come ill be the first to smile and greet her and maybe invite her for a coffee.But for now the best thing i can do is pray for her and be happy for her, I just wish that if another man comes to her life please dont make her cry again, because she dont deserve that, and if that day happens again. I wont hesitate to wipe her tears again,


Saturday, July 30, 2011


i saw this picture in my pc with my former creative team in TATAKPO
way back 2008 and i just missed how we are working way back then:)